If you’re anything like most human beings you like to create plans, formulate expectations, and then everything needs to go exactly as planned so you can deliver and fulfill the results you’ve purposed as an achievement or success.

But as life would have it pretty much NOTHING goes as planned.

Navigating the course of daily life and all the foreseen and unforeseen external circumstances that arise while simultaneously trying to conquer the personal goals we’ve set out on can sometimes feel like never ending battle of being up against the odds, mainly because we are in a constant state of mind that life is happening “to” us.

I’m here to let you in on a little secret today:

Life is not happening “to” you, but rather through you and for you. The perspective is what you choose.

Here’s the thing though, life will always be full of circumstances and situations that are out of our control, that will push us to our edge, that will cause emotions to reach new heights in any given moment, and more often than not these same circumstances are the ones that we fall victim to, the ones we allow to take us of the course of our journey to fulfillment of what we’ve set our hearts on achieving.

We become defined by the circumstances. But we don’t have to be. You are the author of every next moment. You have the power of choice and you can choose how each circumstance that arises and challenges the commitment and dedication you have to what you are after defines you.

Nothing worth obtaining and achieving will be comfortable or on the path of ease and grace. There is some level of comfort to being victim to what life puts you up against. Blaming circumstantial reasons for why we are not able to fulfill what we’ve longed for out of fear is much easier than coming face to face with being uncomfortable and going straight up against what challenges you at the core of who you are and the things you need to shift and change to become who you are seeking to become next.

But that’s how you create and find that version of who you’re looking to become. That’s where the growth and the magic of cultivating what we need to fulfill and achieve our goals occurs. Contraction causes expansion. Enduring discomfort and struggle builds resilience and strength.

There is not any external circumstance or scenario that has enough power to take you of course of achieving every single thing you’ve set out to do unless you allow it to and even if you do you can take that power back in the very next moment.

You are the one who defines every next moment of what you want to have happen. You have all the power to achieve anything you’ve ever wanted. What are you waiting for? Take charge of it.