Yup! The title says it all, and it's TRUE. Here at 95 you will not need a food scale OR a "human scale". You would think those are the 2 MOST important tools for weight loss right??? WRONG! The 2 most important things you will need to lose weight here are consistency & dedication.

Now before you jump to conclusions about our program do know that we do have guidelines to follow here at 95, they just don't involve any weighing.


All of our meals here at 95 are already portion controlled to help you lose weight & live healthier! Forget all the shopping, cooking & portioning at home...All you have to do is select your meals for the week from our website and pop them in the microwave when you are ready to eat! THAT SIMPLE!

What happens if I don't use 95 anymore? Will I need a food scale?

NOPE! As you have been enjoying or meals you have been noticing the portion size. This will help you learn to eat for the rest of your life! When is the last time you saw someone go out to a restaurant and bust out a food scale at the table... DONT BE THAT PERSON. Trust your instincts. You know how much to eat. Take the rest home and save it for tomorrow! 2 meals for the price of 1?! Who doesn't love a bargain ???? 


I'm pretty sure 90% of diets require you do obsess over the number on the scale. NOT HERE. You can log a start weight just to have it but after that I encourage you to throw the scale out the window. NOTHING ruins my day more than a "bad weigh-in" I could get up, look in the mirror, feel like a million dollars...step on the scale and be slapped across the face. WOW...OK MAYBE I'M NOT LOOKING SO GOOD TODAY! But WHY do we do this to ourselves??? Boggles my mind that a number can ruin our entire outlook on our body. For this reason, we take pictures here. Every 2 weeks take a picture. Same outfit, same mirror, same lighting. You WILL see the results. Promise ????

What happens if I don't use 95 anymore? Will I need a people scale?

NOPE! So long as you can look in the mirror every day and be proud of yourself you will be just fine! Don't bring that energy sucking, mood killing scale back into your home. Holding yourself personally accountable is KEY to your success BUT you do not need a scale to do that.


Consistency & dedication. If you can master these 2 aspects you will be well on your way to successful weight loss.

Consistency: Meaning you will do your best every day to follow the program. If you go out to dinner and fall off the wagon you are right back on the next day. I am not looking for perfection here... just consistent effort towards the end goal.

Dedication: Every day will not be a good day. Nobody is going to feel motivated to eat their 95 meals every single day. Yes they are tasty, yes they are fun but the WHOLE OFFICE IS EATING PIZZA ???? WAHHHH! Yes, yes I know it's not the best case scenario BUT if you stick to this YOU WILL succeed...If you give up I can absolutely assure you that you will not lose the weight. You decide either way. All I need from you is dedication.

The feature photo in the blog is Jennifer! The winner of our March 30 Day challenge! Her incredible dedication and ability to be consistent throughout the 30 days yielded her these epic results! Congratulations to you Jennifer. We are so proud of you.

Our next 30 day challenge starts May 1st!! It's your turn. ????