I'm going to keep this one short and sweet for you all!

So much energy is wasted daily from complaining. Imagine if you stopped the complaining and channeled that energy to finding a VALID solution. Now, I say "VALID" because "if I win the lottery", is fun to dream about, but is not a valid solution to any problems at the moment. ????????‍♂️

Here are 3 Easy Steps to turn complaining into a SOLUTION!


Every complaint has an underlying problem. Maybe your largest complaint today is that you are just downright TIRED.☹️ UGH MONDAY. "I just can't turn this around today, I am exhausted and I'm letting EVERYONE around me know it!" OK! Step 1 complete...You have your problem, you are downright exhausted.


Well I hate to say it but you are just going to have to suck it up today! You are already half way through the day, but that doesn't mean that you can't use your lunch break to ponder a solution (and pickup a BANG energy from your local 95 Nutrition) ????.  Well... You did stay up will 11:30pm watching Netflix... hmmm.. now that's got to stop. ???? LOOK! You have already have channeled that energy wasted complaining about it into a SOLUTION! ????????


Sick & tired of being tired ?????? Now it's time to do better for yourself. The issue is that you are going to bed too late and not getting enough sleep to help power you through your day! Netflix is now officially done at 9pm. Set an alarm on your phone, shut it off at 9. I don't care if you are almost to the last episode, just lay down and RELAX.???????? *DISCLAIMER*The first couple times it may take a little getting used to BUT you are working towards a goal...GETTING MORE SLEEP. Don't you dare try this for 1 night and tell me it didn't work. It takes time and dedication to get your sleeping habits in check.


These steps can help solve ANY problem you may have to face???? I used sleep as an example because it's MONDAY ???? Don't forget that ANY problem you may face has a solution, You may not LIKE the solution times but such is life! ????