Written by: Sierra Watson


How long does it take to form one?

21 days? 30 days? 300 days? It doesn’t matter. Forget about all of those numbers except one. Day 1. To even form a habit we must begin. 

Let me first remind you what a habit means. A regular tendency typically hard to give up. Let’s take me for example driving through Tim Hortons for three timbits on the regular. You think I could just drop it?? I would drive past Tim Hortons on Niagara Falls Boulevard…..winning! I approach a red light and before you know it, I was magically stuck in the Starbucks drive thru for cake pops! HA. I can’t make this up. This was bad for a long time. Now...this was back before 95 was my life, but let me tell you, it would have made this process quite easier. Gradually I changed and made better habits.

A few tips how to form a habit that sticks: 

Start Small. 

Make sure it doesn’t need “a large amount of motivation” This way you don't keep putting it off because you can’t find the motivation to begin. If you want to change your diet. Do not put the stress on yourself of going shopping, cooking food and spending countless hours preparing and then cleaning. You will overwhelm yourself and give up before you started.

Add to that Small Habit.

When I wanted to do pull ups at the gym, I had to start with assistance. When it was back day again the following week, I had to do the same thing and decrease the weight so I had to work a little more, a little harder. As you gradually improve, so will your motivation. 

A mistake doesn’t mean that it's time to start over.

Mistakes don’t mean you failed or you need to start over. Get back on track right away. If you have followed 95 for a while then I know you have heard Lindsey say, a holiday should be one day not the whole week. Missing your habit once, does not have an impact on your long term progress. No one is perfect. Plan ahead. If you do miss that habit, how will you get back on it? How will you prevent making the same mistake twice? 

Be Patient. 

You are changing your life. It won’t be overnight. No matter how long takes, it is going to require you to put in work. Be consistent. Be patient. Adding weight in the gym? Add a little at a time each week instead of going for that heavy number the first time. Want to change your diet? Start with one meal at a time. Use our 95 meals & take the overwhelming process out. Want more tasks at work? Master the tasks you are doing now before taking on what you can’t handle so quickly. 

So that’s it!! Start with day 1. Start small and see how these new habits become a better lifestyle for you.