As the New Year rolls on, many of us have set ambitious resolutions with improving our diet and health often topping the list. But how long do these resolutions actually last? Statistics show that most people have quit by February!!! Factors contributing to this include unrealistic goals, lack of planning, and insufficient support systems.

When it comes to health and fitness goals, what you eat is often the easiest aspect to control. Unlike workout routines that require significant investments in time, money and physical effort, meal prep can be easily integrated into your routine and with 95 Nutrition it can be done a lot easier. Meal prep plays a vital role in maintaining and succeeding in your weight loss resolutions. It removes the daily stress of decision-making about what to eat, helps in portion control (the most important part of weight loss) and ensures a balanced intake of nutrients. With a focus on delicious and healthy meals, it makes sticking to your weight loss resolutions not just easier, but more enjoyable.

Our menu is diverse and caters to all tastes, ensuring that eating healthy doesn't become monotonous. Our meals are prepped and delivered to your doorstep and this convenience removes the common hurdle of time constraints in meal preparation. Even if you started this year with the intention of prepping your own meals and you have veered off your diet plan, 95 Nutrition makes it easy to get back on track without feeling overwhelmed. Let us help you start or get back on track. 

While the average New Year's resolution may not last as long as we'd hope, integrating meal prep, especially with 95 Nutrition, can significantly increase the chances of maintaining your dietary goals. Remember, it's not about a short-term fix but a sustainable lifestyle change. With 95 Nutrition, you're not just adopting a diet; you're embracing a healthier lifestyle.