Julia Harris is a Buffalo native who has a contagious smile. This incredible woman is proud to be a 95 Nutrition employee and a participant in the Special Olympics. She is also a motivational speaker with her own brand, License 2 Smile.

License 2 Smile’s mission is to help people to live with a positive outlook. Through her motivational speaking, Julia has spoken to over 10,000 people and encouraged many by telling her story, and making them smile.

Read on to hear more about Julia’s story and the different ways that 95 Nutrition supports those with disabilities and the Special Olympics.

Julia’s Story

Julia’s website states, “At the age of 9, Julia Harris suffered a brain injury which left her with significant physical and cognitive disabilities. She had to relearn the simple tasks of how to swallow, eat, talk, move, think, and walk again - some of which she is still working on today.”

In her life, Julia has faced trials that most people will never have to experience and yet she chooses to live with hope, positivity, and joy. Many would expect that someone facing such “disabilities” would not be able to accomplish much, but Julia knows no boundaries.

She states, “Life has many challenges, daily and the unexpected like in my case, but it’s your outlook that determines your path.” In a recent interview with Hope Rises on WIVB Channel 4 News. Julia shares her story, her outlook on life, and why she loves to work at 95 Nutrition in Buffalo!

How Does 95 Nutrition Support The Special Olympics?

At 95 Nutrition, inclusion of people like Julia is a huge part of who we are. We believe that workforce diversity is important to a strong company and benefits the whole community of Western New York. Thus, we are proud sponsors of the Special Olympics.

Owner and founder Lindsey Cruz stated in the interview the reason why 95 Nutrition is so passionate about the Special Olympics. “My husband was a State Trooper for 20 years and through the State Police he did many events with the Special Olympics. When he retired, he missed that and said ‘we should make a connection with them’.

There are many ways that 95 Nutrition supports the Special Olympics. These include, fundraising, participation in the Sun Bowl and the Polar Plunge, and providing employment opportunities to athletes.

Donations to the Special Olympics can be made in any of our stores or through their website https://support.specialolympics.org/a/new-york?ms=IDMP_DB&utm_source=donatebtn&utm_medium=web&utm_campaign=IDMP


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