Look what home quarantine has done to me…

Hey Friends! Missed you all last week and I’m sorry! This national crisis has been extremely draining on everyone physically and mentally and I just needed to take a week off. The picture you see to the left has been most of our lives for the past 2 weeks. Couch potatoes, depress ed, unsettled….SCARY times … Continued

Back in the 150 club! FINALLY!!!

I am back in the 150 club!! FINALLY! My pre-pregnancy weight was 155-157 and look at me back in the club! This morning I weighed in at 159 pounds…did I want more? Heck yes. Did I think I deserved more? Absolutely, but that doesn’t change the facts. I have been working much harder in the … Continued

My accomplishments are much more than a number on the scale.

In the past 365 days I found out I was pregnant, grew my little human, gave birth to her, rebuilt my relationship with food, got back into the swing of working out and lost 27 pounds of “baby weight”. PHEW! Okay, got that all in! I think today I needed to focus on the ENTIRE … Continued

The power of a perfect dress.

The power of a dress. For the guys out there, we don’t expect you to ever understand. Sometimes you just have to buy the damn dress and slay. End of story. This past week was my 31st Birthday and boy did my friends turn out for it. We had an absolute blast. I no longer am … Continued

What to do when you’ve plateaued on your weight loss journey!

Lifting weights used to be part of my daily routine, in fact I would barley ever do cardio. Since I started this postpartum weight loss journey I have been more focused on the cardio aspect rather than weight lifting. Being that I have plateaued pretty hard the past 2 weeks I decided it was time … Continued

Find out who won: Having FUN vs. Weight loss results

Can I be honest? I didn’t even want to check in this morning. Not only do I have nothing to report to you for progress, my life has been so chaotic and stressful that I really just wanted to skip the talk this week. Then I got to thinking…it might help to mindlessly write to … Continued

Mirror Mirror on the wall…

WEEK 12 is in the books! That means I have been at this whole “weight loss thing” for 3 months! Now is around the time I wish I had taken pictures because when I look in the mirror I am not SEEING what the scale is telling me. The crazy part is I know WHY … Continued

DO NOT tell me I am body shaming. That is UNFAIR ladies. Check yourself.

So my featured picture today is how my lap generally looks while I am trying to get ANYTHING done in my office. Baby M & Ellie the Pomeranian fighting for lap space.😂🙄 I do not know how I get anything down nowadays but I wouldn’t trade it for the world! This past week I feel … Continued

All systems GO! What could go wrong?

I felt really really good about this week. I was killing it in my cardio, getting a light lift in every other day and sticking to my diet. All systems go right?!? WRONG when you are a woman. Now I know I told you all I would keep it real because there is no sense … Continued

OK…. I did it. I took a picture😟

The weeks are starting to blur into one another and it honestly feels like I have been dieting for 84 years. LOL The thing is it’s really all in my head. I am not being deprived of anything that I want OTHER than shameful snacks like salt and vinegar chips.. Eating 95 meals is NOT … Continued

Lost weight…BUT NOT FEELIN’ MOTIVATED. How does that work?

Happy Monday friends! Well let me just start with saying that I did not want to workout at all this past week. It was a HUGE mental struggle to get my ass down on the treadmill and I basically did zero lifting this week. I mean I am just being as honest as I can … Continued

RIP HOLIDAY SEASON- I am so over you.🙄

HAPPY NEW YEAR MY FRIENDS!!! I hope you all rang in the new year with a smile on your face and hope in your heart that this year will be your best ever! My husband and I spent the new year with close friends and I would LOVE to share all the amazing pictures with you … Continued

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